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Everything Needed To Keep Your Home Defense Rifle In Top Performing Condition

You've carefully chosen the rifle you feel best defending your home and family with, make sure it performs reliably if a defense situation presents itself. Start by wiping your rifle surfaces and BCG clean with the Breakthrough® Clean wipes, clean the bore with the Breakthrough® Battle Rope, and then apply a coating of Metal Defense Spray to all metal surfaces to prevent firearm rust.  It is recommended to reapply Metal Defense Spray at least once a year or after heavy use for best results.

Kit Contents

  • Qty 1- Metal Defense Anti Rust Spray
  • Qty 1 - Breakthrough® 223/556 Battle Rope 2.0
  • Qty 1 - Breakthrough® Lead Removal Wipes

Kit Benefits

  • Convenient cleaning wipes remove general contamination and lead build up after heavy use
  • Conveniently compact, durable, & lightweight bore cleaning rope
  • Anti rust spray prevents rust on external and internal metal surfaces
  • Metal Defense spray provides a non-oily coating that dries in minutes and stays dry to the touch
  • Metal Defense spray will not gum up the mechanical components of your rifle