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Everything Needed To Properly Clean And Prevent Rusty Rifles

Qty 2 - Rifle Storage Bags - 11"x15" OD

Qty 1- Breakthrough® 223/556 Cleaning Kit

Qty 1 - Breakthrough® Battle Rope 2.0

Qty 1 - Breakthrough® Lead Removal Wipes

This convenient rifle care kit includes everything necessary to throughly clean a rifle to keep it running smooth as well as prevent corrosion when placed in a safe, case, or stored longterm.  Start by cleaning the rifle with the Breakthrough® cleaning kit, battle rope, and wipes. Then place the cleaned firearm into an anti rust storage bag to prevent rust for a minimum of five years.  

Kit Benefits

  • Universal fitting anti rust storage bags for AR and AK pattern rifles
  • Odorless, User-Safe, & Stain-Free gun oil & solvent
  • Compact, durable, & lightweight bore cleaning rope
  • Lead & heavy metal removal cleaning wipes

Arms Preservation Anti Corrosion Firearm Storage Bags are an ideal solution when there are handguns or long guns that are used rarely or often due to the easy-to-use Velcro closure system, unlike competing bags that require users to heat seal or zip tie the bag shut.