Arms Preservation Inc. Storage Bags were designed to be the most durable gun storage bags possible while offering the longest-lasting/reusable corrosion protection available.  

Designed to exceed the various firearm storage demands of:

  • 2A Enthusiasts looking to prevent rust in their gun safes and cases
  • Preserving priceless family heirlooms that may rarely or never get shot
  • Hunters looking to store a zeroed shotgun or rifle during the off-season
  • Shooting competitors looking to prevent corrosion between skirmishes
  • Armories responsible for storing law enforcement or military small arms
  • Military M9, M4 Rifle, M16A2, M2, MK19, M60, M249 storage applications
  • Law enforcement evidence preservation
  • OEM applications
  • Any other metal object storage: reloading tools, household tools, jewelry, fishing equipment, bullion

Arms Preservation Storage Bags offer easy-to-use anti-corrosion protection without causing any harm to stocks, grips, optics, ammunition, or any metal finishes.  

What you can expect from A.P.I. Storage Bags:

  • 5+ Years of Corrosion Protection
  • Protection of External AND internal metal surfaces
  • No Messy Oils or Greases
  • Leaves No Residues Behind
  • Tear Resistant Material
  • Non-abrasive Interior
  • Safe for Optics, magazines, lasers, lights, and ammunition
  • Perfect for Short & Long Term Storage
  • Pistol Storage Bags
  • Rifle Storage Bags
  • Shotgun Storage Bags
  • Mil-Spec .30 Cal & .50 Cal Ammo Can Liners