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High-Purity Oil, 2oz Bottle

The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Battle Born High Purity Oil is a general-purpose low-viscosity oil is a blend of high-quality, 100% synthetic gun cleaning oils. This non-toxic, odorless lubricant is treated with the highest quality anti-rust, anti-foam, and anti-wear additives to provide ultimate and lasting corrosion protection and lubrication under extreme pressure and a broad temperature range (from -90°F to 417°F).

  • GUN RUST PROTECTION: Battleborn gun lube soaks into the metal of the guns, embedding itself into the equipment. It's for general use & formulated to prevent rust.
  • GUN OIL LUBE: The odorless universal lubricant protects against wear & friction & is safe for you, your machines, equipment, & tools. Works great on drones, door hinges, adjustable wrenches, scissors, hair clippers, fishing reels, & knives.