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VCI Anti Rust .50cal Ammo Can Liners

Providing fail-safe rust prevention by creating a controlled microenvironment rich with anti-corrosion VCI chemistry inside your .50cal ammo cans.  

The Arms Preservation Inc VCI .50cal Ammo Can Liner was designed to be an easy-to-use rust inhibitor that form fits the Mil-Spec – 50 Cal Ammo Can and provides rust protection for five years or more depending on use.  Factory boxed cartridges may remain in the packaging as long as the tray inside is hard plastic and not foam.  Loose ammunition can be stored in the liner as well with no additional preparation required.  

Because VCI technology leaves no residues behind, ammunition powder and primers are safe and will remain dry inside the A.P.I. Ammo Can Liner.  Also safely store reloading equipment, magazines, and firearm spare parts. Desiccant packs and oxygen absorbers can be used in combination with Arms Preservation Inc. Bags however, are not necessary and should never be placed in direct contact with metal surfaces.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Anti Rust 50cal Ammo Can VCI Liner

Simple Press to close zipper closure

Conveniently access your ammunition and reclose the liner.


Anti Rust 50cal Ammo Can VCI Liner

Form fit design prevents lost storage space

The gusseted bottom allows the bag to cube out and
fit perfectly to the bottom of the ammo can. 


Anti Rust 50cal Ammo Can VCI Liner

Store ammunition in factory packaging or loose

VCI corrosion inhibitor technology leaves behind no messy residues
leaving ammunition dry and corrosion free when in storage.