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Frequently Asked Questions about API Gun Bags

Can I apply a light coating of oil or grease when storing a firearm?

Are wood and polymer parts on my firearm be safe inside an A.P.I. Firearm Storage Bag?

Do A.P.I. Firearm Storage Bags prevent corrosion for 5 years or more?

Does a firearm need to be cleaned prior to being stored in a A.P.I. Firearm Storage Bag?

How do these bags compare with offerings from competitors' VCI Storage Bags?

How durable are A.P.I. Firearm Storage Bags?

Is there a way to repair the bag in case I accidentally tear it?

Once my gun is inside the bag can I fold the bag around the gun so it takes up less space in my safe?

Should I use desiccant packs in the bag or will that interfere with the normal workings of the chemicals in the bag?

Can I store more than one firearm inside of a firearm storage bag?

Where should I store my bags and metal objects?

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VCI .50 Cal Ammo Can Liner

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