Military Weapon Storage Bags

Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm & Ammunition Storage Bags for military weapon storage utilize a unique combination of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) chemistry and carefully chosen proven barrier packaging materials to prevent the corrosion of firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition during storage for at least 5 years or more depending on use. Our easy-to-use design and re-usable closures provide significant cost savings for both labor and materials over older methods which require the use of multiple materials and processes for preservation applications.

Arms Preservation Storage Bag designs are based on military tested and approved design concepts that are reusable and safe for all metals, finishes, optics, stocks, ammo, primers, and electronics since the bags leave no residues and do not require the use of any messy oils or greases.

Our bag designs are based on the tested and approved concepts that came as a result of the following US Marine Corps. Solicitation:
81 -- M16 LONG TERM RIFLE STORAGE & PRESERVATION BAGS Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-60033076
Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Office: DLA Acquisition Locations
Location: DLA Distribution

Design Concepts - Tobyhanna Performance Test

Results of 81 - M16 LONG TERM RIFLE STORAGE & PRESERVATION BAGS Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-60033076
The Marine Corps needed to compare a new rifle storage system to their existing system. Testing was conducted by USAMC LOGSA PSCC in Tobyhanna, PA during the spring &summer of2003. Test samples were subjected to:

  • Cold Temperature (-40 F, 24 Hour Duration)
  • Temperature Shock (-40 F to 95 F)
  • 1 High Temperature Cycle (91 to 160 F, 24 Hour Duration)
  • Ten 24 Hour High Temperature / High Humidity Cycles (86 t o 140 F, 95% RH)
  • Free Fall Drop Test (2 Flat Faces From 3 Feet)
  • Loose Cargo Vibration, Repetitive Shock 1( Hour Duration)
  • Handling Throughout Testing and Inspection

The test center in Tobyhanna deemed, "Bag very durable & easy to use; No detectable rust/corrosion on any rifle; No condensation/dampness inside any bag; Bag remained unchanged by environments (not) saturated, repelled condensation); Performed equal to or better than MIL-PRF-131 with MIL-PRF 3420 in preventing rust/corrosion of M16 rifles under varying environmental exposures." Additionally; packaging productivity was increased from 3 rifles per hour to 4-6 rifles per minute.

Arms Preservation Packaging Method Value

  • Arms Preservation Anti Corrosion Storage Bags for military small arms and ammunition can reduce current labor-intensive operations while exceeding anti-corrosion standards.
  • The simple to use process of inserting a clean firearm and pressing an installed closure shut drastically improves on the method spelled out in MCO 4030.16F general packaging instructions for small arms weapons section 5. Packaging.
  • Arms Preservation Storage Bags are manufactured with electronically controlled pneumatic machines offering consistent high-quality heat seals eliminating the need for the military to purchase and maintain heat sealing machines and reduces the risk of inconsistent/ poor quality heat seals.
  • The use of Arms Preservation Storage Bags also reduces the amount of roll stock materials a base must purchase and store.
  • Arms Preservation Storage Bags reusable closures also help reduce waste and the need to continuously purchase additional roll stock materials.

Arms Preservation Storage Bags offer:

  • 100% effective corrosion prevention for firearms, optics, and ammunition
  • Proven exterior barrier material combined with an internal VCI material
  • Puncture & tear-resistant material
  • Non-abrasive interior will not scratch or scuff finishes or optics
  • Reusable closures eliminate the need for costly heat sealing equipment
  • Depending on use, protection can last far beyond 5 years
  • Flexible material allows for storage in gun safes and hard cases

Arms Preservation Anti Rust Storage Bags Sizes: