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Brand: Arms Preservation Inc.


The Arms Preservation Pistol Storage Bag measures 11" x 15" OD and is designed to protect handguns ranging in size from subcompacts to full size, semi-auto or revolver, from rust and general contamination during storage. Depending on a pistols overall height, optics may remain mounted and are unaffected by VCI molecules.  The Arms Preservation Pistol Storage Bag is the most convenient storage and rust preventative solution for pistols ranging from small subcompacts such as the P365 or Hellcat to the full size 1911, P320, or G17.

Arms Preservation Pistol storage bags are convenient when storing firearms that are rarely or frequently used due to the re-usable Velcro closure system. Our closure design is not only more convenient than taping, heat sealing, or zip tying the bag shut like with similar bags but is also heavy duty enough to support the weight of a handgun meaning it is more secure inside the bag. Depending on how often you remove your pistol from the storage bag, the Arms Preservation Velcro Pistol Storage Bag will offer anti-corrosion protection for 5+ years.