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Anti Rust VCI Shotun/Rifle Storage Bag

Shotgun & Traditional Stock Rifle Rust Prevention that's simpler than a pump or bolt action.

The Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Anti Corrosion Shotgun/Rifle Storage Bag measures 11" x 54" OD and was designed to protect shotguns and rifles with traditional stocks from rust during short or long term storage such as the hunting off season. Optics can remain mounted and are unaffected by the VCI molecules allowing zeroed scopes to remain mounted during storage.   The Shotgun/Rifle Storage bag offers convenient rust prevention for traditional stock long guns when stored in safes, hunting cabins, hard and soft cases, or vehicles.  This is achieved by combining proven flexible barrier and VCI materials which offer both superior durability and longer lasting rust protection.  The unique combination of materials and Velcro closure is what sets A.P.I. Gun Bags apart from similar single layer VCI poly bags which are less durable and only last 2-3 years at most where as Arms Preservation Bags will last a minimum of 5 years.

VCI Weapon Storage Bag Benefits

  • Universal Fit for Shotguns & Rifles with traditional stocks
  • VCI molecules protect external & internal metal surfaces for 100% coverage
  • Easy to use Velcro Closure
  • Controlled microenvironment full of anti-corrosion chemistry
  • 5+ years of use depending on use
  • Non-abrasive interior, safe for optics
  • Shotguns & Rifles are ready to use right out of the bag

Arms Preservation Inc. Shotgun VCI Storage Bags are convenient when storing rarely or frequently used long guns due to the preinstalled Velcro closure system. Our closure design is not only more convenient than taping, heat sealing, or zip tying the bag shut as with similar bags but is also heavy duty enough to support the weight of a long gun meaning it is more secure inside the bag. Depending on how often you remove your rifle or shotgun from the storage bag, the Firearm Storage Bag will offer anti-corrosion protection for 5+ years.  

Proudly Made in the USA.

Anti Rust Long Term Firearm Storage Gun Bag

Heavy Duty Velcro Closure

Preinstalled Velcro closure offers convenient access to your firearms.
You'll never have to tape, heat seal, twist tie, or zip tie
your bag shut as you would with similar bags.


Anti Rust Long Term Shotgun Storage Gun Bag

Designed to exceed the various firearm storage demands of:

- 2A Enthusiasts looking to prevent rust in their gun safes and cases
- Hunters storing their guns in a non climate controlled hunting cabin
- Preserving priceless family heirlooms that rarely or never get shot
- Shooting competitors looking to prevent rust between skirmishes
- Armories responsible for storing law enforcement or military arms
- Law enforcement evidence preservation
- OEM applications
- Other metal object storage: reloading tools, household tools, jewelry, fishing equipment