For most of us, ammunition management is divided into ammo for use and ammo we are storing. Recent gun control efforts and ammunition background check legislation introduced in New York has made the future availability of ammunition in question. 

As of September 2022, all ammunition purchases in New York will be subject to a background check and ammunition purchases will be recorded into a statewide database. In the meantime, for millions of people, long-term ammunition storage options have gone from luxury to necessity.

Arms Preservation Inc. offers affordable storage options for firearms, ammunition, and other valuables. For those in New York and other states that may follow their path, long-term storage of ammunition is more important now than ever. 

API Gun Bag ammo liners make long-term ammo storage simple and affordable. Our patented Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor technology will create a stable micro environment for years to come, keeping your ammunition on-hand and in pristine condition. They can also be used to protect your firearms, whether AR pattern rifle, shotgun, or handgun, and are even safe for optics, jewelry, and other valuables.

Shop our website today, or call us at 585-455-0681, and protect your investments from the predations of time and politicians.