Metal Defense Rust Preventative Spray was originally tested for use by police departments for firearms that were rusting while in squad cars or when stored in arsenal gun safes.  A very light coating is all that's needed to protect firearms from rust during storage or transportation. For failsafe use, clean and lube firearms as usual then simply apply a light spray on all metal surfaces (internal and external) from a distance of 4-5 inches.  No wiping is needed since the non-oily coating dries in minutes and stays dry to the touch. Any overspray will not harm optics, grips, or stocks and can simply be wiped off. Metal Defense displaces water, neutralizes finger prints, and has low interfacial tension for maximum wettability resulting in superior coverage and rust prevention.

Metal Defense Spray is ideal for concealed carry pistols and home defense guns that must be "at the ready".  It can also be used in combination with Arms Preservation pistol, shotgun, and rifle bags for unmatched rust prevention.  

Arms Preservation - Metal Defense Spray Testimonials
: Salt Water Spray- Rochester Police Department 1 light application of product - air dried.
Metal Defense- No signs of rust after 7days.
Corrosion XGun Oil - Minor rusting after 7 days.
Conclusion: Metal Defense provides substantial long term protection from rust when used as directed in a non-immersion environment. It has the additional appeal of being dry to the touch shortly after application. It should prove most useful in a handy 40z
spray bottle format. ~Rochester, NY Police Department Firearms Training

Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co.
"We have done extensive testing here at Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co. and have found that Metal Defense gives outstanding protection to the metal surface from oxidation, rusting, and the effects of moisture that can damage metal and lower the value of your firearm. ~Doug Turnbull, CEO

Monroe County Sheriff's Department
"I just wanted to let you know we have been using Metal Defense on the shotguns assigned to our K-9 Deputies. So far we are very happy with its performance. Our shotguns are mounted between the front seats of the K-9 cars and there is a tremendous amount of moisture in those cares coming from the dog's breath and slobber, yuck! This usually causes the barrels and receivers to form rust. Since treating the guns with Metal Defense, we haven't seen any rust form." ~SGT. Ball

Gary Mathers - American Motorcycle Association - Hall of Fame Inductee 2009
It’s not often that a product comes along that exceeds one’s expectations.  Metal Defense is one of those products!  For anyone who has bare metal tools, whether it be hand tools, saw tables, lathes, wood shop or machine shop equipment. Metal Defense makes maintenance much easier. Just spray it on, it dries in minutes and forget it.
On motorcycle “o” ring chains, Metal Defense keeps the chain looking like new, rust free and no oily surface to attract sand or road grit.
Firearm maintenance is another area where an application of Metal Defense brings amazing results.  It’s easy to apply and a little goes a long way.
Bottom line — if you have bare metal and you care about maintenance, Metal Defense is for you!