VCI Weapon Storage Bags vs. Mil-Spec Waterproof Heat Sealant Weapon Storage Bags

VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) storage bags offer several advantages over current Mil-Spec waterproof heat sealant weapon storage bags (MIL-PRF-131 water-vapor-proof, foil laminate barrier material and MIL-PRF-3420 VCI paper). Below are some key benefits for armorers and supply specialists:

Corrosion Prevention:

VCI storage bags are specifically designed to prevent corrosion on all metal surfaces. They contain volatile corrosion inhibitors that release a protective vapor into the enclosed space inside the bag. This vapor forms a thin, invisible layer on external and internal metal surfaces, preventing rust and corrosion from developing on the weapon over time. In contrast, non-corrosion prevention foil bags do not offer this protective feature and require the use of additional items such as VCI chips and/or desiccant packs.

Easy to Use:

VCI weapon storage bags are easy to use and require minimal effort. You simply place the clean and lubed weapon inside the bag and press the Velcro® closure shut.  No additional sealing equipment or tapes are required online with traditional Mil-Spec heat sealant weapon bags.

Long-Lasting Protection:

VCI bags provide long-lasting rust protection for various weapon sizes. The protective VCI molecules begin to work immediately once the weapon is placed inside the bag. These VCI molecules will continue to protect the metal surface until the weapon is removed from the bag days, months, or years later. Non-corrosion prevention foil bags that utilize desiccant packs or messy oils and greases may require more frequent monitoring and maintenance to ensure metal items remain protected.


While VCI bags may initially cost slightly more than non-corrosion prevention foil bags, they can be more cost-effective in the long run. This is because they reduce the need for additional corrosion prevention measures, such as oiling or greasing metal surfaces, which can be labor-intensive and costly.  Arms Preservation Inc. VCI weapon bag are also designed to be reusable which reduces wasted packaging materials.


Arms Preservation Inc. VCI weapon storage bags are transparent, allowing you to easily identify the contents without opening the bag. This can be useful for inventory management and quick visual inspections. Arms Preservation weapon bags also include bag labels to record a weapons serial number and date it was first packed for storage. Foil barrier bags, on the other hand, are opaque and require the bag to be opened for inspection and then typically must be heat sealed shut again.


VCI storage bags are suitable for a wide range of metal items such as spare parts, additional barrels, and optics.

In summary, VCI storage bags offer superior reusable corrosion protection for military weapons compared to non-corrosion prevention foil barrier bags. They are easy to use, cost-effective in the long run, and provide long-lasting protection without the need for additional maintenance. If your unit is looking to efficiently meet weapon storage requirements by reducing labor hours and wasted packaging materials, consider Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Military Weapon Storage Bags.