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Battle Born Grease w/ PTFE, 4oz Jar

Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Battle Born Grease is designed to be the highest quality, most advanced, lubricant available on the market. Our firearm grease is formulated with pure synthetic oils, shear stability additives and Sub-Micron size PTFE to protect against wear and corrosion from friction and moisture while withstanding a broad range of temperatures.

  • BEST GREASE USAGE: Anywhere you would lubricate with oil where there will be extreme heat & friction—key points to use grease can be MSR barrel threads & retainer, castle nut installation, springs, detents & plungers, carrier rails, handgun slide rails, shotgun hinge points & choke tubes.
  • FIREARM MAINTENANCE: This high-quality grease is user-safe & non-staining, so you can apply a protective layer of lubricant on your gun without making a mess. The elite protectant will be a great addition to your gun cleaning supplies.
  • SYNTHETIC GREASE: This odorless gun grease is formulated with pure synthetic oils, shear stability additives, & Sub-Micron size PTFE. Take action to protect your firearm against corrosion from friction & moisture with our travel-friendly size.